Origo is the industry’s FinTech company dedicated to improving outcomes for consumers by transforming the financial services industry’s operating efficiencies.

As Scotland’s longest-running FinTech, we’re perfectly placed to bring innovation, thought-leadership and expertise to the rest of the UK’s finance sector. At the forefront of FinTech in the UK since 1989, which means in 2019, we are celebrating 30 years in the industry.

What is FinTech?

FinTech has been around in various guises for many years, but recently the term has been used to describe all technology innovations, in any aspect of the financial sector. This can include such technologies as open banking apps, machine learning and Big Data to name but a few. For us, our technologies deliver improved pension and ISA transfer times and researching, prototyping and developing the UK’s Pensions Dashboard.

Put simply, FinTech is:

"Computer programs and other technology used to support or enable banking and financial services."

FinTech is also radically changing the way pension providers, investment platforms and advisers and their systems and digital tools all interact with each other. FinTech is helping to improve the flow of data, business and servicing between all parties and ultimately the consumer.

Digital transformation in financial services has come a long way in a very short space of time and the pace of innovation shows no sign of slowing.

We are at the forefront of enabling industry collaboration via our project working and service steering groups, enabling us to continue to design and develop solutions that meet the needs of all relevant stakeholders. From platforms, providers, software suppliers to advisers and ultimately the end consumer, we are dedicated to improving processes in the industry. 

  • With various high-profile consumer innovations on the horizon, including the Pensions Dashboard, there is no time like the present to be making strides in technology to improve the customer experience and their financial outcomes.
  • We have a background of 30 years in developing technologies to the benefit of our wider society.
  • Our Origo Transfer Service has helped hundreds of platforms and providers speed up pension and ISA transfer times and our Unipass Identity service is the most trusted service for 35,000+ financial services staff and over 8,000 adviser and provider firms. Unipass is the single means of identity to log into financial services websites quickly and securely.
  • Our Integration Hub is an out-of-the-box service enabling systems across the financial services to (1) connect more efficiently and (2) have more connections – providing consumers a more joined up online experience.
  • As well as supporting processes such as real-time valuations, account opening, transaction history and remuneration, our Integration Hub also offers a Transfer Tracking service. Using the latest technology, Transfer Tracking offers a significant reduction in calls chasing for progress updates by empowering advisers to access and see the status of any transfer online.
  • At Origo, we believe that “we are FinTech” – but not as you know it. Our approach to solving common industry problems and providing more efficient and effective services through technological and legal developments underlines our role in delivering improved outcomes for consumers.

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About FinTech Scotland

FinTech Scotland was set up in 2017 to help Scotland and Edinburgh become a FinTech Centre of Excellence. We actively support the work FinTech Scotland are doing to help Scotland become of the of top 10 world FinTech hubs.

Fintech Logo

FinTech Scotland’s Mission: “FinTech Scotland is a strategic enabler. Our mission is to develop a vibrant FinTech eco-system in Scotland through innovation, collaboration and inclusion. We aim to create an integrated FinTech environment through provision of funding, support, infrastructure and talent that recognises and responds to the needs of all stakeholders. We exist to provide an opportunity for business creation and growth, as well as attract diverse entrepreneurs and talent, securing Scotland’s place as a significant player in the global FinTech movement and funding circles.”

FinTech in Scotland

Scotland has never been far removed from some of the most significant technological discoveries in the world. Even before the Industrial Revolution, Scots have been at the forefront of innovation and discovery across a variety of spectrums.

With the development of new and emerging technologies, the financial sector globally is going through an unprecedented period of change. In the UK, and in Scotland in particular, there has never been a better time to be involved in financial technology as of now.

Edinburgh has been a major financial centre for hundreds of years, with many banks, pensions and investment companies making their headquarters in the Scottish Capital.

Targeted investment in FinTech within Scotland is enabling opportunities to develop and retain talent within the finance, technology, scientific, engineering and creative industries.

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