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Unipass Mailock

ORIGO opens new secure email service to 45,000+ industry users

Fintech, Origo, and Beyond Encryption, a leading cyber security specialist, are rolling out their new secure email messaging system, Unipass Mailock, for advisers, platforms, providers and consumers. 

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The solution will be available to over 45,000 advisers using the Unipass Identity service as well as millions of consumers.

In an age of increasing cybercrime, the world’s largest area of financial loss, Unipass Mailock will help the industry protect its communications and client data using military-grade encryption and unique identity authentication capabilities.

Advisers can read and send secure emails from their desktop and mobile device with the assurance that they can only be opened by the intended recipient.

From an audit perspective, advisers can confirm when an identity verified client has opened the email and accessed attachments to help meet compliance requirements such as SM&CR, Mi-Fid and GDPR, consequentially reducing their business and client’s risk. 

Anthony Rafferty, Managing Director of Origo, says: “Cybercrime is increasingly a threat to businesses and their clients with criminals actively using technology to target unsecured emails and access sensitive and valuable information.

“Unipass Mailock enables advisers and providers to quickly adopt the service into their email processes, enabling them to securely communicate sensitive personal, financial, medical or policy information to their clients efficiently and securely safe in the knowledge that only the intended recipient can read and reply to the message.

Unipass Mailock is designed for the industry as the ‘go-to’ email security system with 8 in 10 financial advisers already using our Unipass Identity service.

The service will significantly improve efficiency by removing expensive printing and postage costs as well as protecting financial services company’s communications, brands and reputations.

Paul Holland, CEO and founder of Beyond Encryption says: “The damage and distress caused by cybercrime can be catastrophic and the industry needs an all-encompassing secure service to protect both itself and the individuals it serves.

“Origo’s reach through Unipass and its industry-critical services means a large percentage of providers, platforms, advisers and their clients can quickly be protected when communicating sensitive information.  This will help to protect reputations and de-risk the industry’s communications.”       

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