Unipass Letter of Authority

A word from Richard Clark, Chief Commercial Officer, Origo

We have been out and about (if only virtually) over the past couple of months highlighting the benefits to providers of our new launch, Unipass Letter of Authority.


The service will enable financial advisers to input in one place all the information they need to establish the relevant authority and send it securely to all the relevant providers/platforms on the system.

The obvious and significant advantage for financial advice firms is that the information only needs to be input once to reach all providers and platforms on the system and not individually for every provider or platform as happens currently.

They will also benefit from time and cost savings as they will no longer have to wait on or pay for post. Also, less time will be spent on laborious paperwork so advisers can focus on what’s important – working with their clients.

The advantages for providers and platforms are the competitive advantage of delivering better service to advice firms and their clients, as well as the greater efficiencies and associated cost and time savings.

Advisers and paraplanners are champing at the bit to start transacting with providers using the service and we want to get the industry leaders onboard as quickly as possible to start delivering the benefits that the industry needs and for which it has been calling for some time.



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