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Transfer Tracking – Legal and General’s Track My App launches

It’s been a very special week for us at Origo.

Legal & General, one of our customers, has launched a totally unique service that will transform how advisers track their new business applications. This new service is a shining example of Origo’s role as a digital enabler for financial organisations who are serious about offering digital propositions that truly deliver excellent servicing, efficiently.

Legal and General Track My App Transfer Tracking

Origo offers a range of industry critical services, including Unipass digital IDs for advisers, our new Unipass Mailock (secure email) service, our comprehensive (ISAs, Pensions and the rest) – as well as our Integration Hub that is further enabling L&G to deliver on their digital service to financial advisers.

So, what’s so special about this new and unique online service from L&G?

In a nutshell, it is the only service where a very clever window has been made available to financial advisers to enable a full view of the exact progress of their new applications as the business/funds are being transferred from one (ceding) platform/provider to their new L&G plan. It also enables advisers to filter their view to just see those applications at a particular stage such as; Funds Requested stage, Funds Sent, Funds Received and Illustration Issued, and so on.

The benefits of this new and unique service are transformational. For L&G, calls to their customer services requesting the latest updates to transfer applications are expected to reduce. For the adviser, they can quickly get the answer to their and the client’s questions quickly and transparently online. Taking it one stage further, the adviser can now offer a more proactive level of service by keeping the client informed of their application’s progress. 

Working and researching with advisers to make sure that the layout of the information and navigation is intuitive and in-line with how advisers like to do business, L&G have created screens that make this service really easy to use.

But where L&G’s real ingenuity lies, has been in taking what Origo offers and making it work for their business and their customers. Through our Integration Hub, L&G have been able to set up a dedicated link to our Options Transfers service. The Origo Integration Hub customer portal enables L&G to configure the service’s parameters (i.e. set frequency of data) and monitor its performance.

As L&G’s new Track My App service beds in, we will continue to work together to monitor the service as well as the positive impact it is having on areas such as new business and call volumes.


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