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Unipass Mailock - Easy to use and quick to install
Press Release12 Nov 2021
Aegon has saved an estimated 270 tonnes of CO2 through use of Unipass Mailock
Press Release06 Sep 2021
The Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) signed a contract with Capgemini for the delivery of its central technical architecture.
Origo News
Press Release04 Jun 2021
Origo CEO Anthony Rafferty believes the ever increasing pressure from cybercriminal activity will see all financial services firms seek to reduce risk to their business and their reputation through a robust defensive strategy, including use of encryp
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Press Release04 Jun 2021
Origo has been selected by threesixty services to present at selected events to engage members on key back-office support and security issues.
Unipass Mailock Secure your emails on the go
Press Release22 Jan 2021
Royal London has adopted Unipass Mailock, the industry’s secure email communication.
News23 Dec 2020
We have been out and about (if only virtually) over the past couple of months highlighting the benefits to providers of our new launch, Unipass Letter of Authority.
News22 Dec 2020
Aegon has become the first provider to link to the new Selectapension tool.
Visible Capital - Unipass Identity
News22 Dec 2020
Origo’s Unipass Identity is enabling data-rich automation for the onboarding and ongoing suitability of clients in wealth and financial advice firms, through a tie-up with Visible Capital.
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