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Transfer Tracking has got to be this summer’s top destination

Transfer Tracking has got to be this summer’s top destination for financial advisers. They simply rock up, switch on their machine – and voilà (how French) they can see the exact progress of their transfers. For the financial adviser, this means extra time relaxing on that lilo, sipping a cocktail, safe in the knowledge that they don’t have to pick up the phone to chase the platform for the latest update on their client’s transfer. Sounds like Condé Nast bliss!
Transfer Tracking - mock screen 1

So, what is Transfer Tracking?

Here is the postcard.

Transfer Tracking - mock screen 1

Transfer Tracking - mock screen 2

[Example screens of a platform using Origo's Transfer Tracking service.]

Transfer Tracking is a new service from Origo to help platforms empower their advisers (and so their clients) by providing easy online access to the exact progress of their clients’ transfers. As the ‘postcards’ show (they’re actually just example screen designs of how the information could look on a platform), the adviser can even see the transfer moving through the various stages until it completes and where that transfer is against Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Available to those organisations already signed up to the award-winning Options Transfers service, Transfer Tracking enables platforms to take all that is great about the Options Transfers service and display it to their advisers via their adviser portal.

The benefits

As the financial services industry’s leading fintech provider, Origo is dedicated to improving outcomes for consumers by increasing operating efficiencies. Our Transfer Tracking service enables platforms to provide advisers and so their clients with an up-to-date status of their transfers. It also means that advisers don’t need to waste time and money chasing updates and you also save money by enabling your customer support team members to get on with delivering value-add service.

Five Key Benefits to Platforms

Options Transfers and our Integration Hub

Now, at a time when transfers are on the up, thanks to Freedoms, and are most certainly under the spotlight (TRIG), Transfer Tracking makes the business of tracking transfers much more accessible.  It saves time, labour and headaches for all involved.

Processing over £150bn of transfers, and with over 100 brands now enjoying the benefits that the Options Transfers service provides (average transfer time of 11-12 calendar days including the time it takes for monies to move through banking system -BACS), we reckon Transfer Tracking could be the key service differentiator for a platform. By reducing the costs associated with chasing and servicing updates to advisers and their clients, Transfer Tracking could make summer 2018 even hotter.

Transfer Tracking is available through our Integration Hub – and is currently only available to platforms (not advisers - sorry).

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