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How system integration works

For platforms and adviser software systems, you simply plug in once and open up connections with each and every other party that is also on the Hub. Our Integration Hub makes your system connections much more sustainable to risks, costs and changes.

Through just one integration you enable connections between your system and a multitude of other systems. Gone are the requirements to set up point-to-point integrations and all the costs and hassles that this can bring.

As soon as another party joins the Hub – you can be connected to them too. For platforms and financial adviser back-office systems this approach to systems integration is a financial innovation - saving you time, risk and money. 

Business processes supported

There are a range of processes that the Integration Hub supports for platforms and adviser back office systems.

  • Valuations – getting real-time values from platforms to advisers software systems.
  • Bulk Valuations – the demand for multiple valuations through the day can play havoc on systems and performance. Bulk Valuations enables a way for multiple valuations to be provided at a frequency you desire – keeping all valuations up-to-date.
  • Transaction History - get detailed information from platforms to adviser software systems on the latest Unit Movements within a contract.
  • Account Opening – automating the opening accounts between platforms and adviser back office system suppliers - reduced rekeying and increased accuracy. That's digital transformation.
  • Transfer Tracking – our newest service for platforms only enables advisers and their support staff to track the progress of their transfers online. No more chasing phone calls. 

For platforms

Getting data and information from a platform, straight in to a back-office system helps to develop relationships with advisers. It enables advisers to offer a more seamless, joined up service for the client who could have a range of investment and pension products from a variety of providers - and to which they need in one consolidated view from their financial adviser.

Extending the market reach of your products and their accessibility through various adviser facing solutions, means it makes it easier to do business with you and greater accessibility to your products.

Research conducted by The Platforum found that financial advisers[1] identify ‘integration between systems’ as the most significant challenge to their use of automation or digital solutions in the advice process. Our Integration Hub takes away the hassle of setting up and maintaining multiple, disparate links.

For adviser back-office systems

Creating and setting up links with many platforms adds another layer of strength to your technology proposition. Through greater connectivity, you enable advisers and their support staff to efficiently service their clients by reducing rekeying via straight-through processing and automated data population.

Our Integration Hub enables a wider market reach of your system to platforms and providers – while at the same time reduces the overheads by removing multiple point-to-point integration points. Talk about a Win : Win. Through one integration, your system can access each and every other platform that is on the Hub.

[1]  Platforum, Adviser Market Fintech and Digital report, Jan 2018 – Chapter 3: Future uses of tech in the advice process.

Our Integration Hub customers


  • MetLife
  • LV=
  • Standard Life
  • Prudential
  • Legal & General
  • Barnett Waddingham

Adviser software suppliers

  • Time4Advice
  • JCS
  • Creative Technologies
  • Profile Financial
  • O&M Systems

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