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Integration Hub

Our Integration Hub connects the market, making the business of integration quicker, easier and more cost efficient than ever. Without the Integration Hub, organisations have to integrate point-to-point with each individual counterparty to enable their systems to talk to one another. This matrix of integrations is expensive to build and maintain not to mention complex to manage. 
The future of platform integrations

Our recent whitepaper looks at drivers, processes, challenges and sustainability of existing platform integrations.

With adviser demand for connectivity on the increase and the development of Open Banking and the Pensions Dashboard on the horizon, how will systems integrations evolve?

One connection, many integrations

With just one connection to the Integration Hub, you can have multiple integrations with platforms and adviser systems. Setting up straight through processing for account opening, remuneration and valuations with your trading partners has never been so low-cost, quick and simple.

Why choose the Integration Hub route?

Our Integration Hub sits in-between platforms and adviser software suppliers, providing benefits such as:

  • Significantly improved integrations between organisations - removing complexity and additional maintenance.
  • Simplified integration with trading partners. Removing the need to undertake a new IT build each time.
  • Simplified integration process. By supporting different versions of and different data formats, the Integration Hub helps reduce risk and complexity.
  • Extended market reach. Regardless of company size, send and receive business to and from any organisation using the Hub.
  • Re-engineer existing integration points to immediately help to reduce costs.
  • Improved standard integration points and easier to manage bespoke ones which can be built where necessary.
  • Simplified counterparty legals.

Our Integration Hub delivers considerable benefits for the industry - doing away with the complex matrix of IT builds between individual companies, providing a single, central hub where companies can come together and integrate. Our Integration Hub enables immediate connectivity with other trading partners, supporting smoother, faster and more cost effective business for all involved.

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