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When the industry needed better, more efficient, faster transfers we took on the challenge, and today Origo Transfer Service is the market-leading, most trusted transfer service; and has been since 2008. It enables safe and speedy cash transfers for pensions. And it has helped organisations to meet (and even exceed) customer expectations, improve internal processing and reduce paperwork for the entire industry - whether it’s integrated with your back office or not.

Trusted by over 120 brands

Over 120 brands use and trust Origo Transfer Service everyday to enable the safe cash transfer of pensions. With a long-standing average of 11 calendar days, with some transfers going through in minutes, we're proud to be behind a true value adding service.

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Game changing

People use that phrase a lot, but for our Transfer Service, it's a phrase that fits. We've compiled a bunch of facts and stats about Origo Transfer Service that we hope you find useful.

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What makes the Origo Transfer Service unique?

There are a few things that make our service stand out above the rest. As the first of its kind, Origo Transfer Service has over 10 years of experience under its belt. Launched in 2008, it brought about some serious changes to the transfer market, making an immediate reduction on transfer times from the get-go.  Over night, transfer times went down from months to days. And today, transfers have known to complete in hours and even minutes – 45 minutes to be exact. But that’s not all…

More is more: We are proud to say that we have the largest transfers network available. Totalling over 120 brands which have transferred more than £160 billion safely and securely.

Helpdesk: That’s right. Origo Transfer Service has its very own dedicated support function and helpdesk. Whatever your query, just pick up the phone or drop us an email.

And the winner is: Origo Transfer Service has won and been nominated for several industry awards. Most recently it was nominated for the UK Pension Awards - Technology Innovation of the Year award.

Down with paperwork: In today’s digital age, it won’t surprise you that Origo Transfer Service is paperless. But it’s a fact that our industry isn’t. Our Transfer Service helps you reduce the physical paperwork required by removing the need for discharge and lifetime allowance forms.

MI at your fingertips: To give you full control, Origo Transfer Service provides you with in-depth Management Information at any time you need it - enabling you to manage your processes and workloads effectively.

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Options Transfers Whoosh

Whoosh… watch ‘em go with Origo Transfer Integration.

So you want your transfers to go even faster? Remove rekeying you say? And, eliminate even more paper work? Is it magic? Nope. It's just what happens when you integrate Origo Transfer Service with your back office.

Let’s be clear, our Transfer Service is already pretty fast, taking pension transfer times from over 50 working days to just 11 calendar days on average. But if you want to ease pressures on internal procedures, reduce rekeying and chair swivelling, we can help get our systems talking through Integration.

Integrating with Origo Transfer Service enables you to automatically send and receive information from your back office and feed that information directly into our Transfer Service without the need for re-keying any data – simple yet effective.

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