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Unipass Identity

Unipass Identity

Designed for the Financial Services Industry

Unipass Identity provides you with a single means of identification to easily and securely log in to multiple platforms, systems and digital services throughout the financial services sector.

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The power of Unipass Identity

Used by 8 out of 10 UK financial advisers

Designed specifically for the financial services industry

Reduces the risk of online fraud and theft and makes it easier to log on to multiple financial services websites

Unipass Identity for Advisers

Used by around 45,000 UK financial advisers, Unipass Identity is a free service that removes the hassle and inconvenience of remembering and entering multiple passwords and usernames.

Unipass Identity provides you with one secure online account which you can then use to log in to multiple financial services websites.

With your Unipass Identity account, you can download and store a Unipass Certificate or use a set of login credentials that you can use on mobile devices to help you conduct business whilst you are on the move.

Unipass Identity for Providers

Giving advisers simple, swift and above all, secure access to your services is critically important to your business. Unipass Identity lets you do just that, by keeping you secure.

Used by around 43,000 UK financial advisers, Unipass Identity provides them with a secure digital identity that they can use to access the online services of multiple platforms and providers.

This means that you know with confidence who’s logging onto your website and they’re getting the right data for their clients. In addition, with multi-factor authentication available you can decide what levels of security you want to deploy to protect your business. Finally, as we provide all the support, your administrative time and costs associated with forgotten passwords and username queries are removed.

To find out more about Unipass Identity for providers, speak to our Head of Business Development, Matt Noble today.

Unipass Mailock

Designed specifically for financial services firms, Unipass Mailock enables providers, platforms and advisers to communicate easily and securely. Seamless integration with around 43,000 Unipass Identity holders ensures only the intended recipients can open your email.

Unipass Letter of Authority

A one stop shop for Letters of Authority. Discover a flexible, secure, slick approach with Unipass Letter of Authority. With Unipass Letter of Authority, providers can spend less time dealing with different LoA request formats and advisers can spend more time focusing on giving their new clients a better start to the financial advice process.

Unipass Agency Management

Unipass Agency Management encompasses Agency Registration and Agency Administration. Together they allow advisers to set up and then maintain multiple trading relationships with the different providers and platforms they work with.