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Designed specifically for the UK financial services industry, Mailock combines our industry-wide identification service Unipass Identity with the market-leading secure email solution, Mailock.

Mailock enables providers, platforms, and advisers to communicate securely via encrypted emails which ensure only the intended recipients can read the contents. Whether you're an adviser who needs to protect your clients' data, or you need a secure email solution that is integrated into your organisation's workflow, Mailock can help.

Simple to use and easy to integrate into your existing systems and processes, Mailock provides a variety of solutions suitable for single advisers to corporate and enterprise users.

Mailock for Advisers

Mailock keeps your and your client’s data secure, meeting your regulatory requirements, including GDPR. In a click, you can secure your emails, protect your clients and mitigate business risk. You don’t need to use a password and username or go through any complex rigmarole to prove your identity due to our unique integration with Unipass Identity.

Secure emails are accessed through your normal email client and it’s just as simple for your clients to use as well.

Signing up is easy, plus you can try it for free for 14 days. Don't have a Unipass Identity yet? Apply for free. For more information, you can visit the Mailock website here.

Unipass Identity

Unipass Identity is a secure, simple-to-use digital identity that allows financial advisers to effortlessly log in to the web services of any Unipass enabled provider or platform.

Unipass Letter of Authority

A one stop shop for Letters of Authority. Discover a flexible, secure, slick approach with Unipass Letter of Authority. With Unipass Letter of Authority, providers can spend less time dealing with different LoA request formats and advisers can spend more time focusing on giving their new clients a better start to the financial advice process.

Unipass Agency Management

Unipass Agency Management encompasses Agency Registration and Agency Administration. Together they allow advisers to set up and then maintain multiple trading relationships with the different providers and platforms they work with.