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Origo Integration Hub

Origo Integration Hub

Origo Integration Hub

Our Integration Hub connects the market, making the business of integration quicker, easier, and more cost-efficient than ever. Without the Integration Hub, organisations have to integrate point-to-point with each individual counterparty to enable their systems to talk to one another. This matrix of integrations is expensive to build and maintain not to mention complex to manage.

Connect once to our Hub, connect to everyone

Our Integration Hub sits in-between platforms and adviser software suppliers, providing benefits such as:

  • Significantly improved integrations between organisations - removing complexity and additional maintenance.
  • Simplified integration with trading partners. Removing the need to undertake a new IT build each time.
  • Simplified integration process. By supporting many different data formats, the Integration Hub helps reduce risk and complexity.
  • Extended market reach. Regardless of company size, send and receive data to and from any organisation using the Hub.
  • Re-engineer existing integration points to immediately help to reduce costs.
  • One contract covers all connections.

One connection, many integrations

With just one connection per service to the Integration Hub, you can have multiple integrations with platforms and adviser systems. Setting up straight-through processing for account opening, remuneration, valuations and transaction history with your trading partners has never been so low-cost, quick and simple. Take a look at our OIH Matrix to see who's connected.

The future of platform integrations

Our whitepapers look at drivers, processes, challenges, and sustainability of existing platform integrations.

A Connected World, produced in 2018 in association with Platforum, looks at current integration approaches by platforms and offers an alternative, more sustainable, integration solution – which ultimately means improved outcomes for consumers.

A year later, we undertook research into integrations in the adviser software market with platforms as the central focus. In association with the lang cat we collated our findings and produced A Disconnected World.

Origo Integration Hub Matrix

See who is connected to the Origo Integration Hub

Transfer Tracking

Reduce calls, costs and improve customer service through Origo Transfer Tracking. Our service enables advisers to track the progress of their client’s transfers online.

Get started today

Want smoother, more cost-efficient integrations? Speak to our Head of Business Development, Matt Noble today.

What our customers say about The Hub

Transfer Service

Thanks to our Transfer Service, pension and investment transfers now glide through quickly and smoothly. We have a fully automated, digital process that used to take weeks of clunky manual admin – completely transforming how customers experience asset transfers.

Mortality Screening

Mortality Screening keeps your data accurate and up-to-date. It's a cost effective and efficient way to check that any payments being made are to living customers.