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A Connected World

10 September, 2018

The Future of Platform Integrations

Our White Paper looks under the bonnet of systems integrations undertaken and planned by platforms. It reviews the processes through which integrations are developed and maintained with a view to future sustainability and cost management.

Seven UK Platforms, including Standard Life and Aegon participated in the research - and the findings are all here (and free) for your reference.

As platforms and their technology is now maturing, as demonstrated by various replatforming and upgrade exercises, the approach taken to systems integration is integral for cost-management and future development projects.

Our White Paper looks at current integration approaches and offers an alternative, more sustainable, integration solution - which ultimately means improved outcomes for consumers.

Download A Connected World: the future of platform integrations.

If you would like to learn more about Origo's Integration Hub, please contact our Head of Business Development, Matt Noble.

"The way that platforms integrate with back- office systems is not optimal. They are failing to realise their potential and how much time it could save.”

Managing Director, Platforum.