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Origo Services

What we do

What we do and what we've always done, is create smoother connections that save time, trouble and money. Bringing the industry together for the benefit of everyone.

Integration Hub

The Integration Hub gives the industry slicker, quicker connections. Adviser software systems, platforms and providers simply 'plug in' once to the Hub. Information can then be shared between everyone who is connected to the Hub, replacing costly, one-off point-to-point IT builds.

Transfer Service

Thanks to our Transfer Service, pension and investment transfers now glide through quickly and smoothly. We have a fully automated, digital process that used to take weeks of clunky manual admin – completely transforming how customers experience asset transfers.

Mortality Screening

Mortality Screening keeps your data accurate and up-to-date. It's a cost effective and efficient way to check that any payments being made are to living customers.

Transfer Tracking

Reduce calls, costs and improve customer service through Origo Transfer Tracking. Our service enables advisers to track the progress of their client’s transfers online.

Origo Dashboard Connector

Origo Dashboard Connector is a comprehensive and cost-effective way for providers and administrators to connect to the pensions dashboard – often referred to as an ‘ISP’, to make this simple and straightforward.

Pensions Dashboard

Currently in development, the Pensions Dashboard will streamline the UK public's relationship with their pension savings. It will let any UK citizen log in and find all their retirement savings pots, in one handy, user-friendly dashboard view.

We bring companies and their customers closer together

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We're Origo

We are genuinely passionate about delivering fintech solutions that make a difference. Over the last 30 years we've combined the power of our two brands, Origo and Unipass, to transform the industry, connecting the market for the benefit of everyone – providers, platforms, advisers and above all, customers.