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Origo Integration Hub Matrix

Our Integration Hub makes the business of 'connecting' slicker than ever. Establishing connections is business critical for providers, platforms, software systems and advisers alike. But with each individual, point-to-point connection comes time, cost and risk. And we haven't even started on the maintenance overheads. But there is a better way. We offer you a world where those vital connections are sustainable, robust and affordable. Discover the world of the Hub. Where everyone can stay connected.

Look who's connected

Remember, our Hub is a little different because once you're part of it, you've got the ability to connect to everyone else who is using it too. That's what makes it unique and that's what saves you project time, business cases, internal resources, and above all, costs.

Discover the benefits of the one-to-many approach

Managing all of your integrations with partnering businesses can quickly become cumbersome and time-consuming, eating away at your valuable resource.

Our Integration Hub enables you to connect quicker with valuable trading partners, opening up your business and making life easier for you and your customers.

Download our Integration Hub Matrix