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Mailock for providers

Mailock ensures that only the intended recipient can open secure emails, through its seamless integration with Unipass Identity which us used by around 43,000 UK financial advisers.

The solution

With the installation of a Mailock Enterprise Gateway, any inbound secure emails will be automatically decrypted and routed to your normal inbound email processes respecting your automated workflows and your corporate policies.

When you send emails, the gateway can be set up to automatically know which emails to encrypt. This simple ‘add-in’ is embedded at an IT infrastructure level where the Mailock Gateway is encrypting emails before they leave the perimeter. Get more information on how a Mailock Gateway integrates with your existing IT infrastructure.

You can also easily enable your organisation to receive secure Mailock messages without installing a Gateway. Find out how you can enable your organisation to support advisers and consumers securely.

For more information on a Mailock Enterprise Gateway, speak to our New Business Sales Executive, Scott Newman today.