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Press Release

Origo partners with Capco to support pension providers with extended Dashboard Connector capability

11 April, 2023

We have partnered with Capco to ensure pension providers are best positioned to connect to the central digital architecture underpinning the UK’s Pensions Dashboard, which will provide savers with a consolidated view of their pensions information.

The partnership brings together our experience in building the central digital architecture for the dashboard and the capabilities of the Origo Dashboard Connector, and the benefits of Capco’s audit and readiness solutions and its expertise in project management.

Together with Capco, we will help pension providers to effectively meet their Dashboard obligations, while delivering a pensions dashboard experience that offers enhanced data readiness and connectivity.

When an individual submits a dashboard request for their pension details, the Origo Dashboard Connector automatically checks, matches and returns the relevant data held by providers. It also addresses and resolves any issues that arise when only partial matches are initially returned. To facilitate this, Capco will ensure that the necessary data across providers’ books of business, administration platforms and operational systems is successfully sourced, gathered and readied for sharing.

Anthony Rafferty, Origo CEO, said: “Origo is building the central digital architecture for the Dashboard, and we have a separate team which has designed and developed the Origo Dashboard Connector to give providers a straightforward and cost-effective way to connect to that architecture.”

“Providers and schemes will receive multiple fields of data from the Dashboard ecosystem, most of which will be matched with their records. However, where there is a partial match, for example where the forename, surname and date of birth match but the address provided is different, providers need a robust process in place to help deal with it.

“Working with Capco we can deliver an additional dimension for users of the Origo Dashboard Connector, enabling providers to better prepare their data ahead of their connection deadline.”

Roland Inglis, Partner & Head of Capco Scotland, said: “We are pleased to draw upon Capco’s long heritage of innovation, data expertise and digital transformation to support the pensions industry. When pensions dashboards go live, there will be millions of requests for pensions data. Through this partnership, we can ensure that pension providers have access to a robust, comprehensive and scalable solution to handle their processing requirements in a secure and fully compliant fashion, ahead of the deadline to connect to the central architecture.”