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Unipass Mailock customers send over 2.5 million emails as abrdn comes on board

30 November, 2022

The Unipass Mailock service has already protected over 2.5 million email communications for providers, advisers and their clients.

With thousands of industry professionals now using Unipass Mailock and abrdn recently implementing the service the number of secure emails being sent across the industry will continue to significantly increase.

Unipass Mailock provides military-grade encryption email services, and with more organisations in discussions about implementing the service later this year, there is clearly a growing awareness about the need for email security to protect against the threat of cybercrime.

Unipass Mailock uses advanced encryption to protect the email in transit and to ensure both the sender and recipient can authenticate each other’s identity, whilst also providing an audit trail for compliance purposes. Crucially the system’s integration with Origo’s Unipass Identity makes for a seamless operation and user experience for both providers and advisers.

Anthony Rafferty, CEO Origo says: “We are delighted to announce abrdn as a Unipass Mailock user as we break the significant milestone of over 2.5 million secure emails sent using the service. The threat of cybercrime cannot be understated and emails, which we use every day as individuals and companies, are vulnerable messaging systems if they are not properly secured. We are seeing a growing number of providers looking to add our military-grade encrypted email system as part of their operations and service to customers.”

Russell Bignall, Managing Director Sales Adviser, abrdn said: “Unipass Mailock enables abrdn to quickly, easily and securely send emails and documents to the advisers we work with. Significantly they benefit from the immediacy of email making our process more efficient and user friendly for them and their clients. Not only is the reduction in paper mail better for the environment, we are saving advisers money by simply reducing their print and post overheads.”

Explaining the growing need for strong encrypted email, Rafferty says: “The need for encrypted email security is growing all the time. Cybercrime of all types is now a major industry, worth £billion. Key for criminals is having information about their victims, which they then use for scamming, identity theft or other means to steal from individuals and companies.

“One quick and easy way for criminals to obtain the information they need is to hack vulnerable email systems. They can employ sniffer programs which identify valuable emails and take copies of them, which the criminals can then exploit. In just one email in which a financial services client sends their personal and asset details to their financial adviser or product provider, there would be enough detail to help criminals commit identity theft or fraud.

“Base-level security for product providers and financial advice firms now has to be using a secure, military-grade encrypted email system, one which protects emails in transit, and ensures that only the intended recipient can access the email. Without a doubt, this must be used where confidential and transactional data is being sent. Unipass Mailock delivers this military-grade security.

“In addition, in a market where banks and other financial services companies are warning consumers about cybercrime, having a secure email messaging system in place adds value and greater peace of mind for customers by demonstrating that the provider or advice firm they are dealing with is taking precautions to safeguard their data.”

About Origo:

• Origo is the fintech company dedicated to connecting the financial services marketplace for the benefit of everyone – boosting efficiencies, improving performance, and reducing integration costs, while significantly improving financial outcomes for consumers.

• In May 2022, Vespa Capital partnered with the Origo leadership team in taking the fintech independent, with the governance structure and support to invest in developing existing offerings and deliver new solutions for the pensions and wider financial services markets.

• Capgemini and Origo have been appointed to supply the central digital architecture for the Pensions Dashboards Programme (PDP) and will be working with the PDP to help deliver the service for the benefit of UK pensions holders. For more information:

About abrdn:

abrdn is a global investment company that helps clients and customers plan, save and invest for their future.

abrdn manages and administers £508 billion of assets for clients, and has over 1 million shareholders. (Figures as at 30 June 2022).

Enabling our clients to be better investors drives everything we do. Our business is structured around three vectors – Investments, Adviser and Personal – focused on their changing needs.

For UK wealth managers and financial advisers, we provide platform technology, expertise and support to make it easy for them to run their businesses – and to deliver the outcomes their clients want.

We offer content and experiences that can be personalised to suit every type of business and client, giving advisers powerful data and insight to make better decisions.

We’re the number one adviser platform business in the UK for assets under administration (Fundscape Q1 2022). We’re also the first UK adviser platform provider to receive and retain an ‘A’ rating from AKG for the financial strength of our platforms (AKG financial strength reports 2021).

As at 30 June 2022, our Adviser vector administers £68 billion of assets.

Article first published on Professional Adviser.