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We are extending Unipass Letter of Authority

28 March, 2022

We are extending Unipass Letter of Authority to give providers and platforms three ways to use it, speed up their service to advisers and end clients, and improve their productivity.

The extension now allows providers and platforms to use our digital form, upload their own Letters of Authority pack, or link to their own system.

The service aims to increase productivity by improving fulfilment, approval and turnaround time, as well as keeping client confidential data safe and GDPR compliant in its online portal.

Information is seen in real time, so all users – providers, platforms and financial advice firms – know exactly what stage the authorisation process is at and so how it is progressing towards conclusion. This saves both advisers and providers the need to make and deal with progress calls and allows advisers to keep their end clients firmly in the loop.

Anthony Rafferty, CEO Origo, says:“Origo’s aim is to provide utility-style technology to help the industry increase productivity, decrease costs and deliver better service and outcomes to the end consumer.

“Providers and platforms will know how slow and complicated dealing with Letters of Authority can be.

“We designed Unipass Letter of Authority to cut through the time-consuming manual process and help providers and platforms deliver a better service to advisers, as well as create productivity, time and cost benefits.

“By extending the ways providers can utilise Unipass Letter of Authority, we are able to make the service more accessible across the market, to best suit the user.

“This development will help users to benefit from the productivity and service delivery gains now, as we transition over time towards all users utilising the fully digital service.”

This article was originally published by Professional Paraplanner, available here.