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Press Release

We are launching Origo Dashboard Connector

30 June, 2022

We are launching Origo Dashboard Connector, a comprehensive and cost-effective way for pensions providers to connect to the pensions dashboard. Origo Dashboard Connector will be live in September 2022.

The service’s design draws on our experience in the market to provide pensions providers with an interface to the pensions dashboard, enabling them to respond quickly to consumers’ pension data requests and provide pensions data 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Origo Dashboard Connector provides three distinct types of service. The first, Connect, securely and compliantly links a pension provider to the pensions dashboard central digital architecture.

The second, Find, responds to a citizen’s request to know if a company has a policy in their name. This can be customised to meet each provider’s individual data matching preferences. Using the Find service means that pension providers don’t have to scale up their technology operations to handle potentially many millions of policyholder finds and matches.

To facilitate the Find service, limited policyholder data is held on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with world-class technology in place to keep it secure. When a citizen makes a request via the dashboard, the Find service analyses a pension provider’s data to find any matching records.

The third and final element of the service, View, holds all the pension data necessary to completely fulfil a citizen’s request and makes it available to the dashboard and ultimately the citizen themselves. As with the Find service, the pensions data that underpins the View service is also held and managed securely in AWS.

Providers can choose whether they want simply to Connect to the pensions dashboard, add the Find service, or add the Find and the View services. With the full service, when a request comes in, the Origo Dashboard Connector will deal with it in full without any input from the provider. The pension provider has only to regularly update the data available to the Connector.

Anthony Rafferty, our CEO, says: “On a phased basis, all pension providers will be required to connect to the pensions dashboard to serve consumers with their individual data on request.

“If companies directly link to the central digital architecture, this could mean they receive millions of requests a year for their already stretched resources as individuals search for their details. For most providers that is a situation to be avoided.

“As a complete service, the Origo Dashboard Connector takes away the technology and the resource issues for providers and helps them deliver on their legislative requirements cheaper, faster and with less risk.

“Not surprisingly, the many providers we have spoken to want to connect via an interface connector, as it makes sense from a business perspective, with most opting for the full-service option because of its full functionality, which helps reduce their time and resource costs.

“Origo’s mission is to help connect the financial services marketplace for the benefit of everyone, so we are delighted to be able to use our expertise and experience in the market to deliver this service for pension providers.”