Reduced calls, costs and 
improved customer service.

Transfer Tracking

Transfer Tracking is available through our Integration Hub and enables advisers to track the progress of their client's transfer online through their chosen provider platform. The service provides real-time information which means no more calls from advisers chasing up on progress updates. 

Benefits for provider platforms

By setting this up within the Integration Hub, you can show the exact progress of a transfer to your advisers...and it's all online!

  1. Significant reduction in calls chasing for progress ups on pensions transfers and ISA re-registrations.
  2. Reduced costs for handling queries from both advisers and clients.
  3. Improved customer service for advisers and their clients.
  4. Easy integration with adviser platforms, consumer extranets, call centre applications.
  5. Accurate and timely Transfer Service Management Information.

Benefits for advisers

Financial advisers will be able to see and track the progress of their clients' transfer online. This means a significant reduction in phone calls to check status and completion timescales and improves the customer service for advisers and their clients.

What makes Transfer Tracking unique?

Well, it's the only Transfer Tracking service currently available. Enabling platforms to take data from our Transfer Service and hook up systems efficiently through our Integration Hub makes Transfer Tracking a service that could be transformational for your adviser clients.

How does Transfer Tracking work?

Our Origo Transfer Service supplies the data to our Integration Hub and tracking data is sent to you, the platform. A sample screen showing how it looks with expanded information is provided below. 

Transfer Tracking - mock screen 2

It's easy to set up and takes just six steps

  1. Contact. Complete an agreement or contract with us.
  2. Set-up. We set you up in our User Acceptance Testing environment.
  3. Configuration. The platform enters preferred settings. This includes setting up the frequency of the data.
  4. Build. The platform builds the user experience and journey for Transfer Tracking screen into the portal.
  5. Testing. Test the service to make sure it's good to go.
  6. Go-live. Once testing is complete, all settings are applied in 'Live' by Origo.

Contact us for more information on how Transfer Tracking could benefit your business.

Case Study: Origo's Transfer Tracking in action

Retirement Line and Legal & General 

“60% of our administration team’s phone calls no longer have to be made. Origo’s Transfer Tracking has been invaluable in helping us manage the influx of applications. Who knew a service could transform your customer’s experience from good to great in just a few clicks?”

Mark Ormston, Retirement Line

Retirement Line and Legal & General implemented our Transfer Tracking facility and are reaping the benefits. 

Read the case study to find out more >



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