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Unipass Letter of Authority

Unipass Letter of Authority

Join the Letter of Authority Revolution

Unipass Letter of Authority (ULoA) is a flexible, secure, digital service, which solves the issues experienced between advisers, providers and platforms in sending and receiving letters of authority.

We've designed our service with input from advisers, platforms and providers in our user group. They have provided invaluable feedback during the build to make the service easy to use.

Our latest update allows providers and platforms to receive digital requests from advisers and fulfil using their own response packs with guaranteed secure digital delivery.

Discover the benefits Unipass Letter of Authority brings to Providers and Platforms

Save time and money

  • No more use of unsecure email, risking client data
  • Acknowledge receipt and set response time expectations to adviser firms in real-time to cut down on chaser calls
  • Upload your own fulfilment pack – once you’re plugged into the service, you can start saving time and money straight away
  • Requests can be prioritised and allocated to the relevant team for action and response
  • Get started quickly either through the user interface or integrating via the APIs

Reduce your carbon footprint

No more post

No more stamps

No more printing

Data security and GDPR compliance

  • Built with Unipass at its core, ULoA is trustworthy and secure. Whether you're working from home or in the office, it's safer for you and safer for your clients
  • Use your current process, but smarter. Upload your own fulfilment pack digitally and securely
  • Our solution is GDPR compliant and will keep client data secure

We’ve listened to the industry and have built this service to revolutionise the LoA process. Now it's time for advisers, providers and platforms to sign up and start saving time and money today with Unipass Letter of Authority.

Transform the way you LoA

Want to stop wasting time and money? Speak with our Head of Consulting, David Hall to switch to a slick, secure digital solution today.

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