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Origo news
Press Release20 Sep 2016
Not-for-profit FinTech company Origo says it is able to facilitate the transfer of pensions from defined benefit (DB) schemes to defined contribution (DC) schemes via its award-winning Options Transfers service.
Origo news
Press Release08 Jun 2016
Origo has signed another seven SIPP providers to the Options Transfers service in the space of four months.
Options Transfers - Savvy
Press Release04 May 2016
Difficulties in delivering a pensions dashboard by the Government’s 2019 deadline are not as great as they might seem and the industry is already making significant progress towards implementation, says Paul Pettitt, Managing Director Origo
Options Transfers - Stellar
Press Release10 Feb 2016
Origo encourages industry uptake of electronic in-specie pension transfers
Origo enables collaboration
Press Release18 Jan 2016
Changes agreed this month between a cross-industry working group of personal pension providers and platforms will help make pension transfer processing simpler and faster, thereby improving the end consumer’s experience.
Options Transfers - Genius
Press Release26 Nov 2015
Total value of pension transfers up by £2bn from April to October 2015.
Options Transfers - Thunderbolt
Press Release05 Nov 2015
Origo, the eCommerce standards and services body for the financial services industry, has signed its 75th brand to the Options Transfers service.
OIH Chart
Press Release01 Oct 2015
Origo is launching the Origo Integration Hub - a major initiative enabling platforms and adviser software suppliers to quickly, easily and cost effectively integrate with their trading partners.
Data Matching
Press Release24 Sep 2015
Origo’s Pension Register Service will provide an index as to ‘who holds what and where’.
Origo news
Press Release17 Sep 2015
Origo is delighted to announce that it is officially launching its Options Bulk Transfers service to the market on Monday
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