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Unipass Letter of Authority - Royal London pilot

Royal London is now piloting Unipass Letter of Authority (ULoA)

This means that your Letter of Authority request will be submitted electronically to Royal London for selected pension products only. Once submitted, you will be able to track the progress of these requests using the ULoA service.

Royal London has been around since 1861 and their business is now somewhat different to when it started. They’ve bought, owned, and rebranded a number of specialist businesses.

Policies originally taken out with the businesses below are in-scope for this pilot.

  • Royal London
  • United Friendly
  • Refuge

The ULoA service has been designed to recognise which Royal London policies can be submitted electronically. Some guidance has been included below to help you identify these policies.

Royal London

  • Pension policy references starting with a “1” or “2” followed by six digits. (Note: references may be prefixed with “105/”, “115/”, “95/” or “AWP/”)

United Friendly

  • Pension policy references starting with the prefix “RS”, “PD” or “DS” followed by eight digits


  • Pension policy references starting with a “9” followed by six digits

The following businesses are out of scope for this pilot.

  • Abbey National/Santander
  • National and Provincial Policy
  • Bright Grey
  • Pegasus
  • Caledonian Life (ROI)
  • Progress Life Assurance
  • Canterbury Life Policy
  • Royal Liver
  • Co-operative Insurance Society (CIS)
  • Scottish Life
  • Friends Provident
  • Scottish Mutual Assurance
  • Irish Life
  • Scottish Provident