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Benefit of using system intergration

Our Integration Hub enables platforms and adviser back-office software suppliers to connect seamlessly through one simple connection, removing the high costs and complexities typically associated with point-to-point integrations.

The current issues with system integrations

As part of our recent whitepaper, we worked with major platforms and financial advisers to understand the key challenges for them in integrating systems effectively. 

Developing and maintaining links with software suppliers, digital and personal financial management tools is agreed to be a very cumbersome, costly, risky and time-consuming process for all involved.

As part of our research, we also found that there are approximately 68+ individual point-to-point connections that a typical platform will be setting-up and maintaining at any one time - and each connection can vary in integration methods - some based on standards, others bespoke.conenctions_485_723px

What is required from system integrations?

Our research underlined the demand from platforms and software technology suppliers to simplify the current approach to these multiple ‘connections’. Partnering systems require a simple and sustainable solution that enables market participants to work better together in the interest of consumers. 

Advisers and their clients require easier, more timely and accurate access to their data to ultimately provide improved financial outcomes.

The benefits of Origo's Integration Hub

Through our Integration Hub, platforms and the growing catalogue of adviser back-office systems and digital tools are able to use one simple integration point, removing the need for multiple costly and inefficient integrations.

It helps smaller platforms, providers and adviser software suppliers to integrate with the larger players in the industry, allowing better market coverage and ultimately more choice and a better service for the adviser and their client.

The benefits of the one-to-many approach includes:

  • Standard on-boarding process - one simple connection enabling multiple integrations to other connected third parties.
  • Anything-to-anything connectivity.
  • RESTful APIs - on-boarding and technical approaches ensure integration quality.
  • Any data or format supported with transformation and validation - supporting multiple versions eliminating version control challenges.
  • Support for Origo Standards.

What our customers say

Does it all sound too good to be true? Please don't just take our word for it. Here are some of our customers talking about our Integration Hub:

“The savings to us and the savings for software providers linking to multiple providers is significant. From an adviser point of view, the Origo Integration Hub allows us to link to more software companies. We don’t just have to stick to the larger companies and that gives us access to all advisers who use software to the integration that we have available right now.”

Ross Dunlop, Standard Life

“One of the big barriers up to this point has been the length of time it takes to do point-to-point integrations. Each integration has its own project and each integration individually has its own set of complexities around things like legal agreements, contracts and so on. Origo’s Integration Hub gives us the ability to have a single contract at a single point of integration and to me that is the real benefit of driving us forward. The number of parties we can bring on quickly.”

Jon Pocock, LV

Find out more

To find out more about how you can get set up with Origo's Integration Hub, contact Richard today. 

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